2020-04-09: Social Media Postees

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We Are Living (And Dying) in Poe's "Masque of the Red Death"
Charles Pierson | counterpunch.org | 2020-04-09
Edgar Allan Poe's 1842 tale "The Masque of the Red Death" is a story about class. Poe's tale contrasts the fates of rich and poor during a plague even more lethal than the coronavirus. Poe's characters–a thousand members of the aristocracy and their hangers-on–repair to one of the "crenellated abbeys" of the wealthy Prince Prospero.

The stark contrast between MSM coverage of #ClapForBoris and reality on the streets
Ed Sykes | thecanary.co | 2020-04-08
The front pages of mainstream media outlets on 8 April claimed that 'the nation' had come together the previous night to show support for Boris Johnson. Some even suggested that the country had stopped to clap for the PM as he spent his second night in intensive care with coronavirus (Covid-19). | The actual response around the country, however, seemed to be very different. | Corporate media out of step with reality? Whatever next?: | The Times said "Britain sends message of hope to battling Johnson". The Daily Express, meanwhile,…

Billionaire-backed Human Rights Watch lobbies for lethal US sanctions on leftist governments as Covid crisis rages
Ben Norton | thegrayzone.com | 2020-04-08
Regime change-hungry HRW is proudly taking credit for crushing new US sanctions on Nicaragua while pushing to escalate Washington's economic…

Eyewitness China: How socialism is defeating COVID-19
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2020-04-07
Shenzhen, China – Car horns, construction projects and the hustle of people heading to work: these are the sounds I'm greeted with every morning as life has mostly returned to normal in China. This is in stark contrast to only a month and a half ago when the streets were completely barren in Shenzhen, the sixth largest city in China and a city of 13 million people. If not for everyone wearing medical face masks and temperature checks at the entrance to every building, no one would believe we were still in the middle of a global pandemic. However, this is the reality in China, which has almost completely defeated…