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2020-10-06: News Headlines

International Network in Solidarity with Nicaragua (2020-10-05). The Nicaragua Failed 2018 Coup Attempt: Uncensoring the Truth. globalresearch.ca A group of people in solidarity with Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution have recorded, transcribed and translated the testimonies of over 30 people of different backgrounds about their experience of the violent failed coup attempt in Nicaragua between April and July of …

_____ (2020-10-03). Breaking With The Defunct Idea Of Development. popularresistance.org One of the particularities of tourism in Nicaragua is its democratization. Since the Sandinista government won elections in 2006 and came to power in 2007, the promotion and expansion of the tourism sector is increasingly important for Nicaraguans, contributing significantly to a rise in incomes for many lower-income families.[i] Contrary to the focus on tourism (or even 'ecotourism) for export in many countries, the Nicaraguan government's tourism policies incentivize Nicaraguan working-class family tourism.