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2023-09-15: News Headlines

teleSUR, JGN (2023-09-15). Presidente de Nicaragua conmemora aniversario de independencia. telesurtv.net El mandatario de la nación centroamericana ratificó su compromiso con el pueblo y la juventud nicaragüense en ideas de justicia, igualdad y socialismo.

Brandi Morin (2023-09-14). Brandi Morin: In Nevada, Indigenous land protectors face off with a Canadian mining company. therealnews.com This story was co-produced by The Real News, Amidst the desert expanses of rural northern Nevada lies a land of striking contrasts and breathtaking beauty. | Washed in tones of golden yellow and burnt ochre, it is rugged, serene and captivating to the senses. In this vast stretch of parched desert, with sagebrush and other hardy shrubs dotting the landscape, there's a sense of timelessness. | It isn't all desert. There are also rugged mountain rang…

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