2021-10-18: News Headlines

Becca Mohally Renk (2021-10-18). Nicaragua is the Exception: Letter to a Cynic. counterpunch.org "That's unbelievable," my father-in-law wrote me from Ireland after watching me give a statistic-heavy webinar on the advances for the poor in Nicaragua since 2007. "I know, right?" I replied. "No, I mean it's actually unbelievable," he wrote back. "For cynical people like me, our faith in humanity has been undermined. The story of a

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2021-10-17). Nicaragua Calls on US Ambassador to Cease Covert Attacks. libya360.wordpress.com Kawsachun News The United States Ambassador to Nicaragua is being told to cease covert attacks and continued interference in Nicaragua with just weeks remaining before the country's general election. A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, dated Monday, October 11, denounces "continuing interference in the affairs of our country, on the…

2021-10-17: News Headlines

Editor2 (2021-10-16). Vaccine Solidarity vs. Vaccine Diplomacy. orinocotribune.com By Becca Mohally Renk — Oct 14, 2021 | This week the Nicaraguan government announced that starting on October 20th it will be vaccinating children aged two to 17 with COVID-19 vaccines developed in Cuba. As soon as the announcement was made, my phone started buzzing as everyone I know sent each other the news. The excitement is palpable — two to 17 year olds represent nearly a third of Nicaragua's population, and with this announcement it feels like we are really on the home stretch of the pandemic. | After a slow COVID-19 vaccine roll out in due to unequal distribution of the vaccines around the world…

Richard Horton (2021-10-16). [Comment] Offline: The generation of ghosts. thelancet.com What happened to our ambition for a different, better world? One has to go back to World War 2 to find a time when our species faced a catastrophe on the scale of this COVID-19 pandemic. In the early 1940s, there were some observers of the mounting global chaos who recognised a need to create a new world order. In England, two writers stood out, and their far-reaching visions contrast sharply with the surprising lack of aspiration shown by my generation today.

_____ (2021-10-16). What Do We Know About The RCMP's Resource Extraction Protection Unit? popularresistance.org The RCMP's definition of its so-called Community-Industry Response Group sits in stark contrast to the experiences Indigenous land and environmental rights defenders with the unit.

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