2024-06-11: News Headlines

Natascha Elena Uhlmann, In These Times. (2024-06-11). The Sanctuary Movement Put US Foreign Policy On Trial. popularresistance.org Forty-two years ago, a Tucson congregation changed the landscape of immigration politics when what started with a legal clinic for Central American asylum seekers quickly grew into a nationwide movement. | Now, some immigration scholars who have tracked the Sanctuary Movement for many years say the spirit of the movement is alive and well in student organizing for Gaza. | The Sanctuary Movement was born in the '80s against the backdrop of repression, death squads, and massacres in El Salvador and Guatemala. Refugees were arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border in desperate search of safety, but fe…

Eline van Ommen (2024-06-11). Recovering the Transnational History of the Sandinista Revolution. counterpunch.org When I submitted my dissertation in 2019, my supervisor gave me the mug that had been on her desk for years. Printed on it were the red and black silhouettes of people waving rifles, flags, and signs in the air. And in white cursive letters, it read: "Nicaragua Must Survive." This was one of the

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2024-06-03: News Headlines

ContraCorriente (2024-06-03). The Central American and Palestinian liberation struggles are intertwined. globalvoices.org

teleSUR, JCM (2024-06-03). Nicaragua respalda plan para cese al fuego en Gaza de EE.UU. telesurtv.net "Como siempre, nuestra exigencia de respeto y paz, para el pueblo palestino, y para los pueblos del mundo", indicó el Gobierno sandinista.

presstv.ir (2024-06-03). US official pressured to resign over Powerpoint on mothers starving in Gaza. presstv.ir A former contractor with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) said he was forced to resign after his presentation focused on declining maternal health in Gaza was canceled by leadership.

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2024-05-23: News Headlines

Jeremy Kuzmarov (2024-05-23). National Endowment For Democracy continues to weaponize human rights. mronline.org The latest example is its pressing for release of John McCain pallbearer from Siberian jail while it ignores a socialist arrested by the Ukrainian intelligence services and another socialist who was murdered.

teleSUR, dcdc, DRL (2024-05-23). Nicaragua exige sacar a Cuba de lista de países terroristas. telesurtv.net También condenó la inclusión de Países en listas unilaterales bajo falsos pretextos, contrarios al Derecho Internacional y a la Carta de las Naciones Unidas.

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2024-05-17: News Headlines

News Desk, The Cradle. (2024-05-17). USAID Whistleblowers Accuse Biden Of 'Direct Complicity' In Gaza Famine. popularresistance.org Current and former officials from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department say the White House has ignored months of internal warnings about the spread of famine in the besieged Gaza Strip, according to an in-depth investigation by the Independent. | "I believe the US to be complicit in creating the conditions for famine. Not only has our response been woefully inadequate, but we're actively responsible in large part for it," a USAID employee told the British daily. | Internal documents reviewed by the Independent show that staffers have repeatedly warned USAID administrator Sa…

albawaba (2024-05-17). Saudi Arabia's US Treasury holdings rise to $135.9B, ranked 17th globally. albawaba.com ALBAWABA – Saudi Arabia's holdings in US treasuries grew for an eighth month in a row, hitting $135.9 billion in March, an increase of 3.66 percent from the month prior, putting the kingdom in 17th place across the biggest investors who hold such financial assets, according to official figures disclosed by Washington.In contrast, data from the US Treasury department showed that Saudi Arabia had $108.1 billion in Treasury securities as of June of last year, considerably lower than the $119.7 billion it held at the end of 2022. When compared to the same month last year, the Kingdom's foreign reserve assets increase…

teleSUR, rzr, SH (2024-05-17). Volcán Concepción expulsa cenizas y gases en Nicaragua. telesurtv.net Los expertos del Ineter describieron que el ciclo de desgasificación del volcán Concepción transcurría normalmente, lo que no representa peligro para la población.

teleSUR, idg, DRL (2024-05-17). Venezuela y Cuba rechazan medidas de EE.UU. contra Nicaragua. telesurtv.net Las sanciones van dirigidas a la Compañía Minera Internacional, Sociedad Anónima (Cominisa), a Capital Mining Investment Nicaragua y al Centro de Capacitación del Ministerio del Interior de Rusia en Managua.

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2024-05-17). ALBA-TCP rechaza sanciones de EE.UU. contra Nicaragua. telesurtv.net ALBA-TCP denunció la agresión de EE.UU. sobre medidas coercitivas unilaterales dirigidas contra empresas y más de 250 funcionarios públicos.

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2024-05-16: News Headlines

Amos Harel (2024-05-16). Defense chief's dire warning to Netanyahu exposes a deep rift within Israeli leadership. haaretz.com Gallant's statement on Gaza's 'day after' sharply contrast the deafening silence from Gantz and Eizenkot — both of whom should have spoken out long ago. Netanyahu, as usual, decided not to decide. This open rift could boost Hamas' confidence and make a hostage deal even more difficult to secure…

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