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2020-08-03: News Headlines

_____ (2020-08-02). Nicaragua Targeted For US Overthrow In 2020-21. popularresistance.org The US has launched a brazen, criminal and arrogant plan to overthrow Nicaragua's government. A well orchestrated plan financed by the United States to launch a coup d'état in Nicaragua over the next two years was leaked in a document from the US embassy and presented July 31, 2020 by Nicaraguan journalist William Grigsby on his political analysis program "Sin Fronteras", on Radio La Primerísima. The new coup plan is in response to the fact that the US realizes President Daniel Ortega will likely win the November 2021 elections.

_____ (2020-08-01). When Corporate Power Is Your Real Government, Corporate Media Is State Media. strategic-culture.org Caitlin JOHNSTONE | astonishingly horrible article the other day titled "Latin America Is Facing a 'Decline of Democracy' Under the Pandemic" accusing governments like Venezuela and Nicaragua of exploiting Covid-19 to quash opposition and oppress democracy. | The article sources its jarringly propagandistic claims in multiple US government-funded narrative management operations like the Wilson Center and the National Endow…

Andrea Germanos, staff writer (2020-07-31). Trump: Young People 'Almost Immune' to Coronavirus. WHO Chief: No. commondreams.org The contrasting statements about the risk of Covid-19 to children came as the U.S. president continued to push for a full reopening of schools. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/trump-kids-immune-who-chief-no.jpg

Staff (2020-07-31). Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Remembered at Funeral as "Patriot Who Risked His Life" for Democracy. democracynow.org As family, friends and dignitaries paid their final respects at the Atlanta funeral of John Lewis, the civil rights leader and 17-term Georgia Congressmember was remembered as a singular force for equality and justice. The funeral took place at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, once led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where senior pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock contrasted Lewis' legacy with "some in high office who are much better at division than vision," and described the late politician as "a true American patriot who risked his life and bled for the hope and promise of democracy."

_____ (2020-07-30). Human Rights Fraud From Ukraine To Nicaragua. popularresistance.org Current Western human rights industry practice has nothing to do with establishing the truth. Increasingly in recent years, US and allied elites have sought to legitimize illegal aggression by exploiting human rights motifs in their attempts to recolonize the majority world. | In any given crisis, human rights NGOs funded by the US and allied corporate elites and governments deploy sensationalist false claims, for example of police murdering peaceful protestors, so as to create a cognitive limbo of doubt and suspicion aimed at disabling opposition to the West's recolonization campaigns. Over the medium and long t…