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2020-08-14: News Headlines

John Perry (2020-08-12). The US Contracts Out Its Regime Change Operation in Nicaragua. counterpunch.org Masaya, Nicaragua. An extraordinary leaked document gives a glimpse of the breadth and complexity of the US government's plan to interfere in Nicaragua's internal affairs up to and after its presidential election in 2021. The plan,[1] a 14-page extract from a much longer document, dates from March-April this year and sets the terms for a

Kevin Zeese (2020-08-10). Era of US Domination of Latin America Coming to an End: Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia. globalresearch.ca Despite its failings at home, the United States intervenes in countries across multiple continents seeking to control their governments and resources. | This week, we look at the US' latest efforts in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Bolivia to undermine their independence and …