2021-03-26: News Headlines

Eve Ottenberg (2021-03-26). Desperate at the Border. counterpunch.org Hundreds of thousands of Central Americans wouldn't flood the U.S. border if things weren't pretty bad back home. Destitution, gangs, rampant murder, death squads — that's what people leave behind in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, countries that have all been laboratories for U.S. anti-communist counterinsurgency and economic neo-liberalism. Those U.S. efforts have been a complete and utter bust.

_____ (2021-03-26). Nicaragua Rebuffs Attacks At Human Rights Hearing. popularresistance.org Nicaragua was one of the first countries in Latin America to give constitutional rights to its | Indigenous peoples and its laws to protect their territories are justly famous (especially the | Autonomy Law of 1986 and the Demarcation Law of 2003). Some 40,000 Indigenous families live in | areas that are legally owned and administered by over 300 Indigenous communities, covering almost | a third of the country. Governmental recognition of land rights was the first step in tackling | incursions by non-Indigenous settlers from western Nicaragua and the violent conflicts they | sometimes produce.